I.C.ELAINE Artificial Aquatic Plants Aquarium Plants Plastic Fish Tank Decorations 7.5 Inch


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  • Designed with resin base which makes it easy to stand in water and add natural beauty to any aquarium.
  • Nontoxic, and don't fussy about water, safe for both fresh and salt water.
  • Easy to clean: a simple wipe with an algae pad, brush or spray with the shower head will remove algae and detritus of the aquatic plants.
  • Can not only decorate your aquarium but also provide fish with a comforting shelter.
  • Please soaking in about 158℉ water for 2 minutes before using(NOT INCLUDED THE STONE).

Flexibility and durability:

You can safely place an artificial plant in a fresh water or saltwater tank, they can easily be replaced or rearranged.

Also these plants will not die, they require no pruning and they maintain a desirable appearance even when they are not in season.

Safety and convenience:

This artificial aquatic plants are nontoxic and they aren't removed from other bodies of water, that is, they won't introduce foreign, harmful pests or parasites, so they safe for both fresh and salt water.


Fit for decorating aquariums, and can bring you pleasant visual effect.

Can be planted anywhere, don't require any substrata at all.

Easy to clean and will not decay.

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